Russian dosimeters

It was early 50th of the last century when this device was developed. Even today it remains the most efficient and accurate device in a family of ionometers. As the matter of fact it is represented in various versions. DP-5 with “A” index was an original, and later modified devices indexed with “Б”, “B”, “M” (medical), “BБ” were released.

Dosimeter DP-5

Soviet dosimeter DP-5

No serious change happened to a technical nature of such device. Modifications only happened to its outer design, and also “B” indexed item had its gammaradiation detector integrated into case. Modern and stronger plastic for case replaced old one, control strontium-yttrium source was rearranged. Other modifications slightly increased sensibility of the device.

DP-5 is a user-friendly device and requires not special technical education to use it. Originally russian dosimeters were ment to discover a level of contamination, so mostly detects if there is an excess of limits set. IT cannot detect pollution under 50 µR/h. The scale is represented in mR/h and R/h. So beta radiation is detected as a difference in readings and will be described as “presentnot present”.

Control set for the dives consists of range switch, calibration switch, calibration resistor handle, reset button, scale illumination switch. The detector alliance is represented as a couple of gas dischargers STS-5 and CI-3BG. Another CI3BG discharger is case integrated and its operation covers 200 R/h range. For "B" indexed device those were replaced with SBM-20 items.

A power module for DP-5 dosimeters have three 1,6 ПМЦ-Х-1,5 (КБ-1) batteries. In case the original batteries are unavailable it is possible to replace them with common АА power devices.

So, with this device you have well-known soviet quality cased into modern materials, to make it live long and efficient life.

Soviet dosimeter Yupiter

Residential-grade dosimeter YUPITER SIM-05 is designed to assess the level of equivalent dose rate (EDR) of gamma radiation with audible alarm, display readings on the digital scoreboard and alerting long signal on exceeding the set limit for ED . Dosimeter is used for rapid individual radiation environment control by population

Dosimeter Pripyat

Pripyat dosimeter was developed in late 90’s in Kyiv. It has been a top radiometer since its release day and remains so. Its range of items makes three devices produced by different factories, though its quality remains the same. One can identify origin of an item according to its case color.

Indeed it’s time guarantied quality.

Soviet scientists developed and issued a number of such devices, different in their usability and functionality though same in their quality. An still, one can say the Pripyat is an outstanding item.

 For you to understand why "Pripyat" RKS-20.03 is so outstanding will shortly describe its main functional details:

  • Max mark of its scale is - 10 mR/h.
  • Deviation index +- 25-30 %
  • Spectrum - gamma
  • Power source necessary - 9V capacity

3-steps operation process: gauging (40 sec), indication (40 sec), zeroing.

And there are items representing other operation schemes providing greater possibilities.

The scale device is grouped into two divisions and is switched manually:

1 -up to 1,99 mR/h.

2 -up to 19,99 mR/h.

You can randomize gauging time limits:

20 sec - for search mode

200 sec – for exact measurements results.

And a measurement unit is also optional (mR/h, mcSv/h).

This device made it possible to estimate a stream of beta particles, which is a great breakthrough for all times and real brand-new for that times. And it took a great deal of trouble to do that. First the gamma particles value is estimated, and then the gamma and beta total values, and finally it was gamma and beta minus gamma and here you go – the beta particles estimation. 



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