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Customer response time

We will do our best to make the waiting time as short as possible. All goods you order we already have at our disposal that is why you won’t have to wait for any additional deliveries. Usually it doesn’t take more than one-three business days to process the order and send products after reception of paid cost. (except weekends and holidays)

What services do we use to deliver your product?

We cooperate with Standard Air Mail with tracking number from Ukraine to deliver the ordered products to any point of the world. The main office, from which your package will be sent, is based in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine.

*Please note the product will be marked as “Gift” in your invoice, this will save you from paying the customs.

How long does it take to ship the ordered item?

Usually it takes about 2-3 weeks to deliver the product to Europe or USA. The time will depend on the distance from your country to Ukraine.

*Please note weekends and holidays are not working days for post offices and other mail services. We are not responsible for the delays that result from day offs or undue work of such organizations.

Approximate time of delivery to different destination points

Shipment time


10-12 days


12-15 days

Japan, Hong-Kong, Canada, USA

14-24 days

Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, South America


We make efforts to deliver the ordered item undamaged. That is why we pack the item ordered by you as carefully as possible. Materials of the high quality will provide the safety of your purchase and will help to avoid possible breakage or damage of the item. All bought products are carefully examined before packing to make sure none of them is broken or damaged.

How much does the shipment cost?

The cost of the shipment varies in dependence on the weight of your package and the distance. All ordered goods will be delivered as one package to reduce your expenses. The shipment cost together with the total cost of products and detailed instructions will be sent to you upon confirmation of your order.

Approximate cost of delivery to different destination points:


Costs Par Avion





0.00 – 0.25


0.00 - 0.55



0.25 – 0.50

0.55 - 1.10


0.50 - 1.00

1.10 - 2.20


1.00 - 2.00

2.20 - 4.41


2.00 - 3.00

4.41 – 6.62


The cost is calculated individually for each country

3.00 - 4.00

6.62 – 8.82

4.00 - 5.00

8.82 – 11.03

5.00 - 6.00

11.03 – 13.23

6.00 - 7.00

13.23 – 15.44

Claims and refund

Please read the next information about the return and refund policy to avoid any misunderstandings and claims.

Upon reception of the ordered product, you have three calendar days to claim the return of the product. You are entitled to return the item and get the refund only if all next conditions are observed:

- a customer contacted us within three days after reception of the package and requested to get refund and return the product.

- if the item has all original tags and packing

- if there’s a reasonable cause* for returning the item

- if at least three pictures that verify the reasonable cause are provided.

If the return is claimed in a due time and the customer followed all conditions mentioned above, we offer the partial or the full refund** or exchange (only if the reasonable cause for returning the item is subject to our fault).

* Reasonable cause does not include “I changed my mind” or “I simply don’t like it”.

** Please note the full and partial refund does not include the shipping cost.


In order to help you to make the payment in the way that would be the most convenient for you, we have several ways of making a payment. And they are:

Paypal, Moneybookers, Western Union, Bank transfer.

Bank transfer :

- to POSTBANK for residents of Germany. Please contact us for more information.

- to “Citadele” bank for residents of European Union. Please contact us for more information.

- contact details will be provided upon request to the residents of other countries.

Please direct your payment suggestions to or use “contact us” section.


- When making payment be sure to give the number of order and your shipping address. All packages will be send to your Paypal shipping address ( if you pay by Paypal ).

- All payments should be made in Euros (€) – EUR or US Dollars ($) – USD.

- Minimum order amount is $10.00 USD. (refer to the exchange rate to find out the minimum amount of the order in EUR).

- If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at:

- Prepayment makes 100% from the total cost.

- Be sure to ask all your questions about the product, shipping, payments, costs, etc. before making your payment.



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